About Us


At CollabraTech Solutions, we’re breaking down barriers between traditional product life cycle practices and market realities, bridging the phases from concept to production. While theory and rules provide necessary guidelines, reality is usually too complex to fit into a generic framework. At some point, only experience can guide you. Our combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, and project management help you navigate and simplify the complex path to bring your ideas to market.

Our expertise includes development, prototyping, design-for-manufacture, down-costing, systems integration, maintenance, product extension, and end-of-life planning. Our wide-angle lens on high-tech engineering leverages real-world knowledge as an advanced, in-house contract manufacturing service organization. We know what it takes to make 10 and what it takes to make 1,000, and the rules for each. We also know that a single, hand-built prototype might be a brilliant demonstration unit, but may never qualify for a pharmaceutical production line, or use in aerospace missions.

Put CollabraTech’s expertise to work for you, and watch as time-to-market shortens, costs decrease, customer acceptance increases and profit margins improve.

Our Team

Ted Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Ted comes to CollabraTech Solutions with more than 25 years of experience in vertically integrated turnkey manufacturing and design execution. With his deep knowledge of operational efficiencies and a strong network in a variety of industries, Ted establishes and manages many of CollabraTech’s strategic relationships.

Ted comes from Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT), where he served in a variety of positions, including president for many years. Under his leadership, the company’s revenue grew by more than 2,000 percent. During this time, the company brought in private equity investors, acquired a leading multinational manufacturer of gas and chemical delivery systems, and eventually was sold to a publicly held manufacturer in similar industries. His story proves that hard work and dedication are the keys to success, a philosophy that he truly embraces still today. Ted started at AIT while attending Northern Arizona University, where he studied electrical engineering and business.

Ted’s belief in a relationship-based team culture was instrumental to AIT’s overall success. He brings these people-focused ideals to CollabraTech, where a collaborative approach is deeply integrated in the company’s overall vision and daily operations.


Steve Lemons, President

Known for his deep-rooted passion for building highly effective teams that provide strong results in complex environments, Steve brings a proven track record of success in leading all facets of business operations for both startup ventures and Fortune 500 multinational organizations. He has in-depth knowledge and a strong network in the semiconductor, medical, industrial and aerospace industries. Steve joined CollabraTech Solutions after eight years as Senior Vice President with Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT), where his strategic leadership of more than 600 team members in the U.S. and Asia resulted in impressive revenue growth, record profit margins and two mergers during his tenure.

Steve was also instrumental in the startup of two new technology companies, where his leadership helped to establish high-volume production capabilities, develop and implement company strategic direction, manage scale-up of operations as well as form and nurture strategic partnerships. He began his career with 10 years of engineering and operations positions with the Boeing Company. Steve holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University, a Master’s of Engineering Management from Washington State University and an MBA from Seattle Pacific University. He has both the business background and technical training to understand the multifaceted ins and outs of technical design and streamlined manufacturing operations.


Tim Provencher, Vice President of Engineering

Tim is responsible for engineering operations and personnel while supporting the company’s strategic development activities. His technical expertise is diverse within engineering methods and fabrication techniques of custom & capital equipment systems. As an innovator, Tim has numerous patents in a broad range of industries. He holds a BSME from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Prior to joining CollabraTech Solutions, Tim held the position of Vice President of Engineering at Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT) and its merger with Ultra Clean Technologies (UCT). With engineering excellence and customer quality in mind, he selected key engineering disciplines to architect the methods and controls that support product development. The results allow the engineering function to augment our customers engineering resources in product support or act stand-alone within a total design solution.

In addition, Tim has in excess of 25 years capital equipment experience within the Semiconductor industry. He has managed multi-national development teams for ASM International, Tokyo Electron and Materials Research Corporation for the successful launch of PVD, CVD and ALD next generation deposition platforms.


John Wheeler, Director of Product Development

John is a veteran of the semiconductor industry and has worked in equipment engineering since the early 1980s. He developed his skills in electromechanical system operations and maintenance during his time in the United States Navy. His experience in the Navy gave him the skills required for his equipment engineering position at Motorola. His eagerness to understand the equipment drove him to broaden his knowledge base and take on the challenges of process engineering for the diffusion area, followed by implant, metals and dry etch. John was given a lead role in new equipment design for Motorola’s Advanced Research and Development Laboratory, and later moved to Austin, where he managed all equipment manufacturers, equipment and facility set up to launch new operations.

In 1987, John brought his experience to Flopure (now Praxair), a startup gas equipment manufacturer, where he helped propel the company into a leading position in gas cabinets and tool upgrades for the semiconductor industry.

As an experienced leader of startup ventures, John founded Norcimbus in 1990, where he and his team of equipment engineers developed chemical delivery equipment for the semiconductor industry. Norcimbus evolved over the years to offer a full suite of products, which now are part of CollabraTech’s line of gas and liquid delivery systems, controllers and components.


Edward F. Crawford, Board Member

Edward is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Park-Ohio Holdings Corp (NASDAQ: PKOH), a Cleveland-based industrial company with approximately $1.4 billion in annual revenues. Park-Ohio specializes in integrated logistics systems and manufactured products, and currently employs 4,800 associates worldwide. Edward brings his extensive knowledge and expertise in growing successful businesses to CollabraTech Solutions and his involvement in setting the company’s strategic vision is a key to future success. Edward is committed to a balanced life of commercial activity, civic responsibility and political action.


Gary Imdieke, Board Member

Gary started his career running a premier sheet metal manufacturing company before he founded American Sheetmetal Inc. in 1983. American Sheetmetal quickly became a leading metal fabricator specializing in precision sheet metal, complex frames and machining. The company supplied precision products to the semiconductor, computer electronics, medical and gaming industries and became known as the supplier that could meet difficult expectations that others could not. This success encouraged many of the customers to ask his company to expand into value added turnkey assemblies and integration. The company rebranded into AIT, continued its rapid growth and sold to a private equity partner in 2005. Gary has a passion for developing cost effective manufacturing solutions to complex problems so he served as a board member and manufacturing consultant for AIT for many years. He now brings that passion and entrepreneurial expertise to the board of CollabraTech Solutions with a strong desire to help the company grow and establish its commitment to excellence and collaborative partnerships. Gary also enjoys researching personal investments and working on a variety of mechanical projects, such as muscle cars in his home shop.