At CollabraTech, we offer a complete line of proven gas and chemical distribution systems and configurable system components for high purity, inert and reactive materials. This includes cabinets and valve manifold boxes, bulk chemical and reclaim systems, liquid and solid precursor vapor delivery systems, highly accurate point-of-use blending systems and PLC-based control systems. In addition, we offer both standard and customized designs from panels and skids to complete facility solutions.

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Standard Systems:
Our standard Citadel™ gas cabinet (GC) and valve manifold box (VMB) systems come with a proven track record of performance in a wide variety of process applications. See information on both systems below.

Citadel GC System | Citadel VMB System

Custom Solutions:
Along with our standard Citadel systems,  we offer a wide range of configurations and extensive custom options to help you get the performance you require.


Custom Solutions:
In addition to gas systems, CollabraTech provides UHP liquid and vapor delivery systems that offer maximum efficiency and performance for a wide variety of liquid precursors. Our flexible, configurable designs support a variety of process chemicals and canister sizes. In addition, our complimentary product suites allow delivery from a source container direct to process tools or through distribution systems utilizing liquid valve manifold boxes – with an optional reclaim system – which then manifold to discrete FAB locations.

Liquid Delivery Systems


Whether you’re looking for standard or customized controllers to match your new system order or looking for replacement controllers for your current system, we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of controllers that can be tailored to meet your specific gas system or manifold box needs. Our controller system software is highly configurable and supports the function of each controller architecture/formation.

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For your convenience, CollabraTech continues to offer the Norcimbus family of gas and chemical delivery systems and products.


Blender System

Bulk Specialty Gas Systems


Power Purge V



Gas Delivery Systems

Chemical Delivery Systems


Norcimbus Legacy Systems