Features & Benefits

  • Auto-changeover function reduces system downtime and interruptions to process
  • Rugged construction for long, maintenancefree lifetime
  • For use in inert, corrosive or flammable environments
  • Semi S2-0200 compliant

Auto Changeover Controller

The Auto Changeover Controller provides a dual-cylinder gas system with automated control for switching between the two cylinders. A switching pressure gauge or scale with display, such as the Norcimbus NVision, indicates a low-cylinder condition for the online cylinder. The controller disables the low cylinder and places the second cylinder online. The controller also initiates an audible alarm to alert the operator a replacement is required. The controller also operates in manual mode, enabling the operator to force either the left or right cylinder online. The controller is housed in a rugged steel enclosure, typically mounted on top of the cylinder enclosure or gas rack.

The Auto Changeover Controller must be coupled with gas panels that include pneumatic switch-over valves, such as the Norcimbus Auto Changeover Panel. In addition, the panels should include switching pressure gauges or other means of indicating a low-cylinder condition. The Auto Crossover system does not include analog inputs for scale systems. If a scale is used on the system, the scale display is required to provide a digital low signal. The Norcimbus NVision system is designed to provide scales systems with the correct input.

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Spec Sheets