Features & Benefits

  • Inert, toxic, hazardous materials; semi-auto or fully automatic PLC-based control with touchscreen interface
  • Complete startup purge routines to ensure clean, safe delivery of UHP saturated vapor
  • 1-, 5-, 10- or 20-liter bubbler with integrated over-pressure relief valve for safety
  • Linear-level sensor for realtime level indication
  • RTD temperature probe in bubbler vessel for accurate temperature readings
  • Sparge diffuser for maximum vapor saturation
  • Optional integrated chiller for temperature control
  • Facilities connection at top or bottom of cabinet and process and carrier gas connections at top, bottom, left or right of cabinet for versatile installations
  • Bubbler Online and OK to Fill interface signals
  • Life safety relay logic to override PLC for fire, leak, toxic and facility shutdowns with relay feedback
  • Modular construction for improved service and maintenance
  • SEMI-S2 compliant

Vapor Delivery System

CollabraTech’s Vapor Delivery System is a chemical vapor distribution system designed to maximize efficiency and performance. The standalone system includes the bubbler vessel, optional chiller and system controller in a small footprint. The facilities connections, carrier gas and process lines can be configured from multiple sides to fit into tight space requirements.

The Vapor Delivery System is designed to distribute chemical vapor via a carrier gas. The bubbler vessel is filled with the liquid chemical. Feedback from an active linear level sensor is used to maintain the vessel at the configurable set point level. The carrier gas is bubbled through the vessel using a sparge diffuser to maximize the vapor saturation. A temperature probe and optional integrated chiller maintain the chemical at a userconfigured set point to maximize process control.

Vapor Delivery Enclosure Specifications

  • Measures 16” W x 16” D x 74.25” H with single 3” exhaust
  • Superior construction – 11-gauge cold-rolled steel, polyester powder coating for superior corrosion resistance, all-welded inner enclosure for bubbler system
  • Cabinet louvers eliminate dead or trapped-gas areas
  • Rear exhaust plenum and chase
  • Isolated electrical, chiller and gas sections
  • Doors – Enclosure gasket with full-length hinge for years of trouble-free service
  • Exhaust sensor – Alarm can initiate chemical shutdown, audible alarm or remote alarm as needed
  • Sprinkler head – U.L. approved
  • Fire sensor – Rate of rise

Vapor Delivery Options

  • Bubbler vessel – 1, 5, 10 or 20 liters
  • Integrated chiller
  • Reclaim options – Manual drain, manual remote drain, drain reclaim line
  • Carrier gas stick with optional incoming pressure gauge or transmitter, bypass, and emergency shutoff (ESO) valve

CollabraTech’s stainless steel bubbler vessels are designed to support a variety of vapor delivery systems used in manufacturing processes for semiconductor, solar, and related industries. The vessels deliver ultra-high-purity (UHP) precursors used in atomic layer deposition, plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition, chemical vapor deposition, plasma-enhanced chemical layer deposition, and epitaxy.

For more information: 602.437.8500 or email info@collabratech.com

Spec Sheets