Features & Benefits

  • Proven in corrosive, flammable, oxidizer, pyrophoric and inert applications
  • Modular construction to facilitate service and maintenance
  • Multiple options to match system requirements and budget
  • SEMI-S2 compliant

Gas Panels

CollabraTech has nearly two decades of experience manufacturing and installing high-purity gas panels and equipment. Our experience enables us to consistently provide innovative, reliable and safe gas equipment to meet our customers’ process requirements. CollabraTech offers the following gas panel types:

  • Auto-Crossover Panels
  • AN Series – Automatic Panels
  • M Series – Stand-alone Manual Panels
  • MN Series – Modular Manual Panels
  • VGP Series – Purge Panels

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Auto Cross-Over Panels

The Auto-Crossover Panels provide a continuous supply of gas from two cylinders. A controller monitors the status of the cylinders. When one cylinder is empty, distribution is switched to the other cylinder and an alarm is activated.


AN Series Automatic Panels

The AN Series Automatic Panels are controlled by one of the CollabraTech controllers. The panels are configured for automated distribution and typically include automated purge and vent functions.


MN Series Manual Panels

The MN Series Modular Manual Panels provide manual operation at a lower cost than the M Series panels. These panels require an external vacuum source.


M Series Manual Panels

The M Series Manual Panels provide standalone functionality and are available in two to six valve configurations to meet system requirements.


VGP Purge Panels

The Purge Panels provide a vacuum source for independent panels.

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